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Our experience providing motorbike and motorcycle warranties for BMWs, through our association with the BMW Club, has encouraged us to extend our warranty cover to other makes and models.

Starting from as little as 199 for 12 months cover, a new warranty can protect your motorcycle or your motorbike - and your wallet!

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When should you buy a warranty?

  • Before any manufacturer or dealer warranty expires
  • If you're about to buy a motorcycle privately or from auction
  • Anytime, to cover your current motorcycle

What are the benefits?

  • Day 1 comprehensive cover
  • Use any VAT registered repairer
  • Cover for motorcycles up to 10 years of age and 60,000 miles
  • Parts & Labour costs covered for the replacement of any insured part
  • No penalties to renewal premiums for making a claim

"We keep our policies simple to understand and operate and these principles help us to control costs and pass the savings on to you without prejudicing our exemplary service.

Take out our cover and you can be absolutely certain that we will be doing everything in our power to deliver complete satisfaction - keeping you as a happy customer for many years to come."

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