Warranty Direct was the UK's first direct consumer Warranty Company.

When the company was established in 1997 our mission was to "offer warranties that are worth the paper they are written on and to make buying warranties quicker and simpler for the consumer" - you. We firmly believe we have achieved this mission and so do our customers.

"I am so very grateful to have had such a company as yours dealing with my vehicle, in particular the distressing events over the past years or so. The peace of mind and support Warranty Direct has given me has been wonderful."
Miss April Aslett

Today - we don't just sell you the warranty, we handle the claim as well, which means that we stand by what we say. With no hidden get out clauses, Warranty Direct is the only company that offers you plain and honest cover (as approved by the Plain English Campaign).

Warranty Direct eliminates the middleman (normally the dealer) and passes the savings on directly to you.

Our business depends on your recommendation, so we will be doing everything within our power to ensure that you are delighted. Other warranty companies are more interested in minimising the costs that their dealer partner might incur as a result of your claim - with Warranty Direct this never happens. We do not deal with dealers and our responsibility is solely to you. Most warranty companies also use the hapless garage service receptionist as their first line of defense - better for that person to give you the bad news of a rejected claim. We are different, in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with our decision, or if any clarification is required, you have full access to our engineers.


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We have the type of cover that suits you.
  • Parts and labour covered *
  • Recovery
  • Car hire
  • Emergency travel
  • Overnight Accommodation
  • Cover from day one
  • Instant claims authority
  • Direct settlement with garage
  • Your choice of garage for servicing and repairs
  • Failure of timing belts, when failure is within manufacturer's guidelines

* Warranty Direct covers the cost of mechanical or electrical failure. Wear and tear to a covered part and damage to an insured part by an uninsured part is also covered.

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