"Excellent service from start to finish. Many organisations could learn from Warranty Direct"

Mr J Taylor - June 2015

"This was my first experience of using an extended warranty service and the whole process was simple and straightforward and the service provided was excellent! Very glad I took out a policy with Warranty Direct."

Mr A Lovell - May 2015

"Brilliant service and very prompt settlement. And far better cover than a manufacturers own warranty"

Mr J Labart - May 2015

"I have made a few claims in the years I have been with WD and have always found you straight forward to deal with. Thanks"

Mr L Stevens - December 2014

"Very pleased with friendly, prompt and professional service. Was always kept up to date at every stage of claim. Highly recommended."

Mr K Lett - November 2014

"Super-efficient and claim settled within 3 days. Based on that I had no hesitation in renewing my policy many thanks."

Mrs C Vaughton - November 2014

"Even the garage that carried out the repair said how easy and hassle free it was to get the repair claim authorised. I would definitely use you again."

Mr P Easterbrook - November 2014

"I have never claimed on insurance before and have heard so many stories about the difficulties people have when they do need to claim from an insurance company. So I faced this claim with trepidation. Wow, I was pleasantly surprised. Easy to deal with, no problem, 6 claims settled in 7 days. Wow, great service."

Mr J Lambert - October 2014

"Can't praise the company enough, dealt with my claim in a very professional manner, will recommend Warranty Direct to my friends and family."

Mr G Morton - October 2014

"My claim was dealt with quickly and easily via phone and email. I cannot applaud the service highly enough. All companies promise outstanding service, yours delivers. I have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and family."

Mr R Deathridge - October 2014

"Cannot fault your service"

Mr D Collyer - September 2014

"I have recommended Warranty Direct to other members of my family and hope they will take up your excellent service in due course."

Mr J Jeffery - August 2014

"Claim posted 12/08/2014, settlement cheque received 16/08/2014 EXCELLENT!"

Mr C Wallington - August 2014

"Actually quite a fuss free experience couldn't have been any easier. Many thanks"

Mr T Pickthall - August 2014

"Having to make a claim I found the service & helpfulness excellent. I would certainly recommend Warranty Direct to family and friends - thank you"

Mrs A Bullamore - July 2014

"Pleasantly surprised in the efficiency of dealing with my claim."

Mr S Amerat - July 2014

"Simple process and exceptional customer service during a recent claim have made me so pleased I decided to take out this product."

Mr J Taylor - June 2014

"A service that instils confidence in a soundly based organisation."

Mr W B Roberts - June2014

"A very satisfied customer. WD staff have excellent communication skills. Friendly, pleasant and intelligent reports."

Mr W Jones - May 2014

"The very first insurance event where the smile never left my face. I will consider warranty direct first for my insurance requirements."

Mr A Revitt - May 2014

"Very good service, could not ask or more."

Mr I E Milne - April 2014

"You have served me well and I have no hesitation in recommending Warranty Direct to other people."

Mrs V Rumble - February 2014

"I was amazed at the helpfulness of the staff, and the simplicity of making my claim. Also the speed of the settlement. I have passed your details on to a friend also with an S.Type."

Mr N Norman - January 2014

"Your service and response was excellent from start to finish. You do what you say on the tin."

Mr B Hartop - January 2014

"Don’t change anything. Spot on."

Mr K D Polson - January 2014

"Brilliant - all sorted out with Warranty Direct & Mercedes smart garage. Did not get involved apart from initial call to Warranty Direct. Thank you!"

Mr J Cliffe - December 2013

"The service team on the telephone were clear and very understanding. The people who dealt with me were outstanding and explained everything fully and clearly."

Mr A Stephenson - December 2013

"No hassle - no quibbles - and paid up within a week of the breakdown. Thank you. And thank you for following up my membership before it finally lapsed! A good investment!!"

Mr J Eccles - December 2013

"Couldn’t make having to claim any easier. Don’t try to get out of having to pay a claim. Very impressed and I would recommend."

Mr P Morton - November 2013

"Absolutely 1st class. Would recommend Warranty Direct for all insurances, especially car extended warranty, from which I have claimed without any problems. Absolutely outstanding!"

Mr P Stanley - November 2013

"Helpful, very fast and simple procedure. Thank you!"

Mr M Price - November 2013

"Fantastic service. I have always been slightly sceptical regarding warranties, especially for cars, but the whole experience has been one I will gladly share with others. Thank you very much."

Mr S St John - October 2013

"I have nothing but praise for the efficient and timely way your organisation dealt with my recent claim."

Mr C Harries - October 2013

"I found Warranty Direct easier than my own garage to deal with this matter. Very Good Service."

Mr L Barden - October 2013

"My husband spent 40 years as an insurance underwriter. Very impressed with your service!"

Mrs P Corscaden - September 2013

"I half expected to be waiting and haggling to retrieve the repair costs back. I must say that I am very impressed and the experience, whilst I don’t expect my car to be breaking down, will encourage me to continue to use your product on all future vehicles purchased. Thank you so much!"

Mrs B Hindle - August 2013

"First time I’ve taken out an extended warranty, so not quite sure what to expect when I needed to claim. Turned out to be simple and straight forward and resolved very quickly. Very good service."

Mr K Burke - August 2013

"I have received excellent service. Thank you."

Mr G Painter - August 2013

"Claim speedily resolved and you dealt with the Jaguar dealer for me. Excellent."

Mr M Wilson - July 2013

"A good service. Thank you."

Miss M Atkins - July 2013

"Excellent service. Claims team had good understanding of problem. Dealt with in an efficient, professional way. Even the garage commented on the excellent response they got."

Mr R Walker - June 2013

"This is my first claim on my policy and after my experience I shall be recommending your services to both friends and clients."

Mr M Azizi - June 2013

"Claim process was simple and efficient. Most of claim handled by garage; couldn't have been simpler. Prompt settlement of claim."

Mr A Dade - June 2013

"Thanks once again for settling this very large claim which was a shock for such a supposedly reliable model/brand. I whole heartedly recommend your company."

Mr R Lee-Smith - May 2013

"An extremely efficient and speedy service. Always happy to recommend to family & friends."

Mr A Woods - May 2013

"Customer service was fantastic when claiming. Staff were very friendly and helpful."

Mrs L Oates - May 2013

"An excellent service and with the high cost of repairs to modern cars the cover provides excellent value for money. Thank you."

Mr P Woods - April 2013

"Very pleased with the way my claim was handled. It's very stressful when you have to make a claim but the department staff really looked after me in a very understanding way."

Mr J Laughland - April 2013

"I found the service easy to understand and very efficient. I had a minimum amount of paperwork to complete."

Mr N Bailey - April 2013

"The whole process was smooth and went without a hitch or any cause for alarm. Well done."

Mr J Considine - March 2013

"Could not be improved. Excellent and helpful."

Mr H Hacker - March 2013

"Excellent service. I had to claim for 3 different repairs on my Land Rover over 3 months. Claim dealt with very quickly and cheques received within a week. Very pleased with service and would definitely recommend."

Mr A Woods - March 2013

"First class service all the way, this is the way it should be done. Glad I picked Warranty Direct!"

Mr W McCafferty - February 2013

"From reporting the problem to WD to going to the garage and having the fault repair authorised was straight forward and easy. The reimbursement of payment was also rapid. Very pleased with your no nonsense approach. Excellent."

Mr D Morris - February 2013

"Superb service, hassle free and very quick, will recommend to colleagues, no need to improve anything!"

Mr M Ockelton - February 2013

"I was very impressed by how your staff handled my claim. No long questions to answer, simple and direct. Settlement fast and prompt; I would recommend to friends. Thank you."

Mr F Quinn - January 2013

"Always made to feel I am a 'customer' who is important to you. Excellent reception on the phone when making a claim. Business excellence at its best."

Mr J Rider - January 2013

"Having recently made a claim, I can honestly say that the service I received was excellent. Rapid response from breakdown to receiving a cheque for repairs. Outstanding – thank you!"

Mr T Jones - January 2013

"My first ever claim was guided and advised by your staff through what turned out to be a simple and efficient process. I was also kept informed by text/phone call of every stage and decision. Impressed; will recommend. Many thanks."

Mr E Bench - December 2012

"Very impressed with your no-nonsense approach and speed of settlement!"

Mr S Armstrong - December 2012

"I’ve held an appliance warranty with you for several years now and have just needed to make a claim due to breakdown of my washing machine. Your claims staff are a credit to you, with excellent communication and organisation of engineers home visit to settle the claim in full. Many thanks."

Mrs K Morse - December 2012

"Process was straight forward and handled very efficiently by the claims department who kept me informed at each stage. Thank you."

Mr S Finlayson - November 2012

"I took out the policy 12 months ago. A valve failed recently resulting in coolant loss. I claimed and I have been delighted with the way it has been dealt with. The main thing - I have peace of mind."

Mr R Harris - November 2012

"Very impressed with the way in which my claims were dealt with. Thank you."

Mr C Rutledge - November 2012

"An excellent service from start to finish. I’ve had 2 claims this year and both were dealt with speedily and efficiently, Warranty Direct provides a comfortable safety net. Thank you."

Mr P Wood - October 2012

"Once again I am amazed at the speed and efficiency of your service. That is why I have extended to a 3 year warranty"

Mr J Burns - October 2012

"I wish all organisations had staff as knowledgeable and efficient as yours. From purchase to first claim completed, all went without a hitch. Well done!"

Mr B Blackburn - October 2012

"I have always thought any warranty was a waste of money. I bought my car earlier this year which included a warranty. This last 2 months I made 2 claims and I have had no problems. The claims have been accepted no arguments and I have received the money within the week. I have recommended Warranty Direct to all my family and friends. The staff have been very helpful and courteous. I don't think any other warranty companies can beat Warranty Direct!"

Mr L Burn - September 2012

"An excellent service. I was sceptical about the product from WD but your salesperson was very honest and clearly explained the product i.e. 'If it is covered we will pay, if not we won’t' you were true to your word and I now go around promoting your company to all my friends/colleagues. Thank you."

Mr R Tooth - September 2012

"Just excellent. Any apprehension I had evaporated very quickly. Well done!"

Mr B Ungoed-Thomas - September 2012

"Prompt and efficient service. Good to have the comfort of an excellent car warranty. Well worth the cost or the premium. 'Honest John' is right."

Mr D Evans - August 2012

"Fantastic service. Thank you for being so understanding with my recent claim. I would recommend you to others."

Mr W Dye - August 2012

"I am overwhelmed by the level of your service. It is so friendly and efficient."

Mr N Nichols - August 2012

"Can I please say how happy I am with your company? I have been a loyal customer of yours for 4yrs now and I have only just had to make my first claim this month. Every time I called the customer service dept I was greeted by helpful, kind members of staff who were always willing to help. I did have a lot of trouble with the garage that was fixing my car as they had my car for so long and they filled out the invoice incorrectly. But a very nice gentleman called Colin Eaton from WD called me with in 1hr of me emailing and had sorted it out for me and was so kind, helpful and a very professional manager. He really is an asset to the company. Can you please make them all aware of this especially Colin Eaton. All the customer service team have been above and beyond helpful and kind. I am very happy with the whole service of WD and I thank you."

Miss L Brown - July 2012

"Speedy settlement 100%. Text message confirmed result of my claim 100%. Great cover 100%."

Mr M Parker - July 2012

"Excellent service in all respects- Thank you it saves the policy holder a lot of worry."

Mr P Jarrett - July 2012

"Staff were very helpful at all times and dealt with my claim very well. It was a pleasure to talk to the very efficient staff."

Mr H Taylor - June 2012

"I think this is an excellent policy package- so very difficult to improve on excellence! The policy has given piece of mind motoring and I have recommended to friends and family. Please keep up the good work!"

Mr M Payne - June 2012

"First class, speedy service. Thank you!"

Mr B Selby - June 2012

"Excellent service, fast, efficient. Staff helpful. Friendly. Have already recommended to family and friends."

Mrs S McMahon - May 2012

"As you processed my first claim with yourselves, the permission to my garage to perform the work was fast and the cheque arrived promptly. Can't find any way to improve it."

Mr A Bayliss - May 2012

"Many thanks for getting cheques to me so quickly after I submitted my claims – that’s excellent service. Many thanks for your help."

Mr I McMurray - May 2012

"Just to say thank you and what Warranty A big claim in my first year with warranty direct but what a 1st class service I received from start to finish Many thanks to you ALL!"

Mr A Symeou - April 2012

"I cannot commend Warranty Direct highly enough! My recent car issue was dealt with fairly and fast. You saved the day. Thanks!"

Mr B Robinson - April 2012

"Service was excellent from first call to report claim to receiving my cheque less than 2 weeks later. Simple, easy procedure. No messing about. Thank you."

Mrs J Bates - April 2012

"Customer service was excellent from original phone call to settlement. Pleasure to deal with and no hassle. Many thanks."

Mr S Scott - March 2012

"I was delighed with your recent response to my claim. I had some work done on my car and paid for it, and subsequently it occured to me that it may be partially covered by my policy. I telephoned, was asked to write to you to explain and enclose a claim form. I was amazed to receive a cheque just a few days later. What excellent service. My son in law, on my recommendation, has now taken out cover on both his cars."

Mr J Milne - March 2012


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