Warranties e-guide written by Motoring Journalist James Ruppert

An extended warranty for your car, bike or van can be one of the smartest investments you'll ever make.

If you've got a vehicle at or approaching the end of it's manufacturer's warranty, or perhaps an even older one, an extended vehicle warranty is a sensible precaution against unexpected and potentially expensive repair bills.

With garages charging up to £200 an hour for labour and major repairs regularly costing motorists thousands of pounds the time has never been more appropriate to look into the possibility of an extended car warranty. Did you know that in the first few years of a vehicle's life, covered by a manufacturer's warranty, repairs are often minor adjustments for squeaks, rattles or electrics. In the later years, after the manufacturer's warranty expires, more expensive repairs become relatively frequent. In fact, 44% of vehicles will suffer a breakdown in their fourth year (most manufacturer's warranties last 3!)

Here are some other key facts you'll learn in this easy-to-understand, 11-page e-book:

  • The many benefits of an extended motor warranty
  • How to decide if an extended car warranty is right for you
  • How repairs and repair payments are handled
  • What won't a warranty cover?

Don't wait until it's too late - our e-guide was written by James in an easy-to-understand manner and it will help increase your understanding of a warranty and the various terms and conditions that apply.

Download our free e-guide now.


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